Why should only necessity be the mother of invention!?

I am sure everyone has come across this quote ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. As all quotes does, it convey a treasure of knowledge in a short sentence.  For the sake of completion, I will put my take on this. Being the rational animal human being , has marched ahead of all other organisms by his ability to think. Though the ability to think is a gift of evolution, arguably it is utilised at the time of need. Man did not bother to cross the Pacific or go around Africa on the waters until the trade route to Asia was stifled by Ottoman Turks. When forced, man certainly did find a way to get around the roadblock ( quite literally!). Likewise the assembly line production or submarine, the examples are aplenty to list.

Innovation when seen in a broad perspective, will help us appreciate this quote better. All the civilizations that has happened has quite literally crawled and evolution has been more out of inevitability to further continue the life style they had adopted than discovering a new refined style of living. The same goes to the field of technical innovation, when it was found out that the amount of data that is getting accumulated is impossible to store in the current form, new sophisticated technique like wavelet transforms was innovated.

For efficient data representation, Wavelet transforms is used. But given the way they represent data, they cannot reconstruct say a transformed image to its original form in totality. The nature of objects which the transform tries to represent cannot be contained in the said form, and hence a new technique for representing images,which will take into account intrinsic geometrical structure be developed later to make up for the shortcomings, viz developing contourlet transforms. A point of view is that, finding out contourlet transforms is an improvement than making up for shortcomings.

Although I have hardly tried my hand at research to actually qualify to comment about this matter, I am of the opinion that, maybe while discovering new techniques, we should not limit to fulfill the necessities.  Perhaps,  finding a robust technique, which will suffice the human limit of thinking about the said case might be a better point of view to go about researching. It is not just about technical shortcomings being circumvented, but we can see a similar behaviour in uncontrolled growths like, use of hydrocarbon based fuels for instance. Upon burning these HC fuels, the residuals couldn’t just have been fine with the environment, were it to be tested and analysed. Regardless of the knowledge of the impact of those wastes, they were freely let to blend in the environment. My view is that, since we can think and solve a problem at hand, why don’t we extend it to think and solve emergence of the problem itself, albeit to the limit we can think. If we had done it, maybe  we would not have seen such an impact of hydrocarbon fuels’ residuals on environment (of course  I am assuming that impact of residuals of HC fuels werent speculated). Maybe we need not necessarily wait for a necessity to arise to innovate!

I might be faulty at coming to the said conclusion, correct me if I have a faulty theory in place. Please put in your views!


Quarter Life Crisis!- part 1

Quarter Life Crisis!

Taking a bit of poetic license, most of my friends, who have grown with me, are going through this. I want to share my experiences through this phase. I would like to first share my experience and my inferences. I would like to continue this post by sharing my thoughts about more or less the same issue, in a post that continues. So here you read part-1 of my post:
We all are going through a decisive year (we=engineering students in particular!). Some of us are being lured by the corporate life and their seemingly rich pay packages; some have set their gazes at IITs, IIMs and some at US universities. All have chosen their near future plans for various reasons; let me not get into the reason behind it. But, at this crucial juncture I have seen a sudden change in our behaviour. Classes are no more important, at last for everyone. Pretensions are non-existent; everyone is opening their hearts and expressing themselves. I used to wonder when I was a small kid as what elders meant by ‘Age will teach you’, I am getting a hang of it now. Yes, everyone is becoming serious or rather responsible. We have almost realised that from now onwards, we will need to carry ourselves.

Everyone is excited, confused and have mixed emotions about this sudden surge of changes in happening and about those in store. Amongst one group, we know we will be responsible, we can earn money and we can do what-ever we want without necessary permissions or sanctions from our parents but at the same time, not sure how we can actually EARN money. Given our pseudo-engineering education, not so proficient real world exposure, it is hard to fathom how we can pull it through. But, there is a system at place in the industry, but not an easy one to pursue, unlike the one in Engineering Colleges. Although I have not been in an industry, but from what I have heard I suppose the following lines is close to reality. The necessity to learn, learn quickly, be up to the challenges like working in a team, thinking through a project given, meeting the deadlines. That would be quite a challenge for us who have mellowed down their instincts of working in the course of their under grad courses, but yes we have a leverage here and which is good enough for us to keep us on our toes.

But to get a job, many of us have to sail through the recruitment drive. Campus placements, as we are getting to see are seemingly impossible to provide a rational reason of how it runs. Tables seem to have turned at times and at other times justice seems to have been served. But looking in the bigger picture, especially for those who would want a job they will find their way to get placed. It is just matter of time to get placed. Everyone knows what they are worth; to have come into the most competitive (at least in Karnataka) of the education courses is itself half job done. No matter whether we will be placed or not in college, if we really need a job (trust me, most of us will need it 😉 ) we have ample opportunities to get one. If we sit back and think about how we worked our asses to get into Engineering Courses, but now our CET ranks seem just like a number, no more a matter of pride. I am sure, getting job, maybe the one pays highest amongst our peers will become equally meaningless. We would have moved onto better challenges of life. I believe this phase just needs application of mind, we should not lose it at this crucial point by being disappointed over inability to crack a run of the mill interview. I sincerely hope, all of us bare ourselves through this rough patch, we know we all are good enough to lead life in a grand manner like we thought.

I believe, no matter how we used to be in our respective educational institutions, now we are out of race, rather we start to run a different kind of race. This one is the most brutal of all, for all the obvious reasons like we are responsible for all our actions, when we lose, consequences will be really difficult to answer! Hence I believe a certain amount of humility to learn the ways of corporate life, rather discern the subtle points of advantages will surely help us grow as individual. Whatever field we enter, especially the well-established ones like corporate world will have some unwritten rules. It would need keen observation to discern the ways of corporate world, but equally keen observation is necessary to avoid the pitfalls. Most of us will get the jobs at our door steps(alright, in our colleges) but we need to be earn our monthly pay regardless of the way we were hired, especially with the undergrad background we are coming it would need some real effort to do justice to our jobs in general and ourselves in particular.

It is perhaps a difficult or rather daunting task to pursue higher education, especially in foreign universities, given our preparation and orientation right now. But I believe, we all have the hunger in ourselves to actually learn, to figure out stuff, maybe a conducive atmosphere will certainly help us set things right and quench our thirst of knowledge. Perhaps, the decision to continue our education is itself a serious commitment, given the demands of higher education institutions and possibly a risk which cannot be estimated presently for which time will provide us the answer. But the demands of higher education and a career shaped by it, will have more severe demands if not lesser than that of corporate life in India. Understandably no path is rosy, we (yes, I am planning for higher studies) would have to do justice to our claimed interest. We would certainly need to shrug off the sluggishness, grow a healthy appetite for learning, research ,update ourselves with the on goings of the field, to stand a chance of survive in our chosen path. Possibly we need to be more cautious, since our ambitions might be something that outgrows our preparedness also in case of slight inability to meet the demands would make us face grave consequences, again which will be a by-product of our current ambitions. Yes, there should be no looking back!

In both the paths the need to keep ourselves updated to always be in the hunt is just like feeding ourselves every day to live. This is a trait which is the order in corporate field especially, without which everyone will be out of reckoning, no matter how good you are, no the status would become ‘you were good’. No matter what field we choose, we all have dreams and self-respect and it would need constant conscious effort to keep confidence on ourselves and to sail towards our dreams. I sincerely hope we all can do that, specially do it in a fitting manner respectable to ourselves!

Try reading the part 2 as well 🙂

Quarter Life Crisis! -part 2


Essentially what I have talked in earlier post is common knowledge to most of us; I have just enlisted them here. Though the above said things are important, but they are not DARING things, given generations have followed this path. Yes, these paths have been essentially institutionalised! But, I ask you to forget all this for some time. Forget how you have been institutionalised! If we sit back and think, we all have a certain amount of innocence in varying proportions. We all still like to see the cartoons; we still like the things which has been part of our life throughout. Yes, we all appreciate various things, when left to ourselves alone. We still have those dreams, no matter how insignificant or unrealistic. Those dreams might not be something which would as it is fetch a living in the real world, but they are still our dreams.

But it is these dreams which help anyone to define themselves, it is not for the sake of distinguishing, yes never are humans unique. If we have something so unique in us, why should not we actually nurture it? Has there been any case in the past where dreams have deluded, to most of them? Or is it that sticking to a conservationist path is the lone way to meet success? We (most of the Indians), attribute the sluggishness, ineffective administration to the generation which raised us, since they just wanted to play it safe by having a career in government job. But if we asses ourselves, are we doing anything different? Fast forwarding into say 15 years from now, wouldn’t our future generation blame us for not having good tutors for pure science?

Given the way original thinking has helped people pursue life, right from a Ferdinand Megallen(The bloke who proved earth is round) or a billionaire in early twenties, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) to name a few, we can surely appreciate the necessity to believe in ourselves. I think these people have just been curious to them, pursued their interest without fail. India could not have been independent without the determination and the ideology of Gandhiji.

I believe it is not someone’s smartness alone that would help them sail in life, enough curiosity and proper nurturing to the same hardly any innovations. Life is not a race, it is rather a journey. We have to live every day, look around every day, discern things and give a meaning to them. We surely can paint that meaning through our actions! Be it the innovations or social changes, as people have proved time and again, this can be achieved by living our dreams. Even if it is smartness that would define the validity of our effort, then it would be all the more reason to do what you like, you cannot involve yourself better in anything else.

Given the demands of our lives, there are enough troubles from the outside world. But it is also true, every living being has abilities (including humans 😀 ), which we all can gauge very well. Our instincts will weave a dream for us, possibly unique. Be true to them, we have enough trouble from outside do not amplify the same from inside as well. Who knows the dreams, ideas can be the ones which Newton, Da Vinci came across in their life. Expressing ideas, giving them life will always come in handy, if that were not true I wonder how Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King would have liberated of their respective society’s stigma without the preaching of Gandhi’s. No matter, which part of life we are living, our instincts will always be with us, which no one else can have in that precise proportion. Instincts always know what we can do, be true to them, they will surely help us live life, give us a chance to possibly define or redefine things, maybe even change course of life on earth. It surely would not hurt our chances otherwise. We live for a tiny spike of time in earth, we can surely make it count by trusting ourselves, maybe no one else would regret for the way we lived, except us. It’s our life , let us make it count.

This is my take on this current ongoing dilemma, would like other’s views on the same topic! I would really appreciate if you critique and or put your views on this topic!

Blog Naming

Yes, I have decided to name my blog.

After going through many blogs I realised that my blog did not have any name! I asked a couple of my friends of suggestions, since I know how good I am at things like this. I got two good responses, one ‘Junglebook’, owing connection to my nickname moghli. This is quite cheeky, I did like it but I felt I have enough cheekiness with the url. But still, thank you Abhishek for the suggestion 🙂 , I really did like the name 😉 .

The other suggestion I got was ‘Sand through the Hourglass’! I really liked this suggestion, for two things; One thing is that I always like to ponder over , figuratively ‘Sand through the Hourglass’ does explain the purpose of this blog. Secondly, I take a lot of time to put my thoughts into the form of a post, so it does seem to move like sand grain through the hour glass 😛 .

It has been quite some time(6 months, 10 days precisely) since I posted something in my blog. Hell lot of things have occured in this time, I want to share one of the thoughts which is predominant amongst them.

I would also like to thank my friend Yashaswini for suggesting me a name for my blog, that too an apt one 🙂 . Also, I would like to take this opportunity to wish her a very happy birthday, Hope you have a wonderful career defining year ahead 🙂 🙂 🙂 . Well readers of my blog I request you to wish her on her birthday and possibly make her day special.

2 + 2=4 2 + 1=4 and the world is always a happy place!!

Hi all, it’s been some time since I posted. But as a co-incidence right after my so-called internal assessment I am getting an opportunity to write. So, without much adieu and with an added confusion and curiosity with the above heading, I will start….

First I start with a STATUATORY WARNING: The below said words are truly mine and are possibly a bit philosophical and might make you conclude that I am crazy, yes I am!! But this is just a part of mine, I havent revealed much but here I am telling what I think…

As I claim I am a bit crazy, yes crazy about numbers!! There is something in them that always makes me keep doing some calculation no matter how trivial and/or surreal but I keep doing it! I used to find it difficult to tell my thoughts( like I still do!) but being a bit crazy about numbers, one fine day I happen to correlate my thoughts with a simple arithmetic, and then it helped me think awfully better and it is as said below…

We all know addition, we say 2+2=4 Cos, 2 is the second natural number and four is the fourth natural number, upon adding the second natural number to itself, you move two positions to your right in the number line, hence it is four. This is simple arithmetic and it seems simple because we have a number line and there is a logic as why two plus two is four. It is wonderful when as always, we know why two plus two is four or for that matter why anything  is anything.

What if I were taught that two plus one is four? ( Wait its not an arithmetic mistake!, am speaking figuratively…) I would obviously tell as confidently as ever that whenever anyone asks, 2+1=4, but am I wrong?? No am not wrong, am I?!

This arithmetic blunder possibly tells us as why there is always a difference of opinion. Whenever someone tells something to say two different people, will they ever listen it the same way? , no chances are bleak. One person listens it as two plus two is four and another listens it as two plus one is three. It is not about conversations alone, when we try to broadly apply this logic, the perception of human beings at every juncture of life varies so much so that never does an calculation done by one person matches with the other but at the same time everyone will believe strongly that their math is right, yeah it seems like everyone has a number system of their own.

Human beings are ruled by their perceptions and their interpretations, they live their life predominantly by these two factors and whenever they have to be happy or sad, emphatic or platonic or when it is to express grief or pleasure, the way they want to take it is very different and everyone makes a two plus one is four in this regard and they say they are right, and yeah they are right in their own rights.

Human being being the social animal he is, will obviously meet and interact with so many people that it is very difficult to come to a consensus upon one thing. But more importantly than coming to a consensus or having our say can we realise that his logic of two plus one is four is right?

Yes there are many such miscalculations in everyone’s life but that is how everyone learns to live in this world!! That is why I say this world is a happy place, yes maybe if we realise it we will also be happy.

Maybe the above said theory is also as appropriate as two plus two is four to some and other might feel that I am making up two plus one as four! But I strongly believe that both of it is right, this is just my way to declare that I want to accept things this way…

But being given the power to think, its only of use when we try to figure out and rationalise why 2+2 is 4 with which not only do we get to make a positive stride into thinking but also to be happy to have erased some other myth like 2+1 is four. But speaking of rationality, its also sane of us to acknolwedge that in this world the set of unravelled mysteries outweights the known wonders of nature, hence everything which we know were a 2+1 is 4 sometime back and also some of the current mysteries will become a 2+2 is 4 in days to come. So, it is more rationale of us to be just happy to have acuired few 2+2 is 4s from our ancestors and leave lesser 2+1 is 4s to our forthcoming generations.

I dedicate this post in my blog to Switchfoot, the band I adore the most especially to their popular number Twenty four, which again is one of my favourite!!(ya you can see my love for numbers now lol :D).. For those who haven’t been fortunate enough to listen to this track, check out

Thanksgiving!! :)

No,it’s not Thanksgiving day’s post! 😛

This post is to all the 155 readers(taking a person per hit to my blog :P) who have taken time to read my first attempt at writing. I am really glad that that many people have read what I have written. Though I might take pride in opining that my article was good enough to make that many people read, but somehow it emphasises more of  the number of people I have known through socialisation through various means.

But nevertheless, I am happy about getting a fairly nice readership but more importantly the nice,kind and encouraging words which many have told,both on my blog and personally, thanks a zillion for that, it helps me motivate myself to write a bit more.

Finally thanks toVikram,who gave the impetus to me to start a blog and to  Abhishek and Yashaswini to keep asking me patiently time and again to keep writing , I dedicate this post to you people to go the extra mile to make me write!

Energy Cris-is?!

Energy crisis is one thing which always hits the headlines and yet misses everyone’s attention, or at least the due attention. Although the term explains itself but the inner meaning is better revelled in practice in a different manner altogther. The way it is to be percepted in the traditional sense suggests that there is dearth to the natural sources of the energy. But perhaps it’s the source which naturally being used by human beings which is cuasing all the problem, viz the fossil fuels.

The human population of this earth is increasing and the resources which mother Earth can provide cannot grow at the same rate. Amidst all this, the genius in human beings are discovering(perhaps already discovered!) and are using energy which is more readily available and is more fortunous. Yes no one will (and did) complain when you get something pretty easily as far as you don’t bother them with its complexity of utility. But what the geniuses did not anticipate is the way the fossil fuels will rule the world and make decisions which will change the world map( even if this claim cannot be proved, but the turn of things does suggest this!). Yes, oil is power,now and then but also gets along with it an array of other problems, right from increasing the noise and pollution levels to the recently recognised calamity Global Warming.

Essentially the energy crisis and fossil fuels run hand in hand, for the revenue it generates and for the people who are behind both energy and money(and hence the power!). They say ‘Necessity is mother of invention’, ya when I feel thirsty I need to drink water but can I always soak in water to not remain thirsty? The same way human beings can solve this crisis provided they follow the simple rule of nature. Everyone in this earth needs energy, take out the revenue part of generating and distributing it, the problem is half solved. Then use some more sanity in tapping the various sources of energy. I think one of the simple school of thought which can fairly un complicate the problem is as follows:

Every human being and the infrastructure he builds needs energy, which can be estimated and should be provided. As the law of conservation of energy goes, ‘Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another’, we need to properly estimate how every form of energy can be tapped and utilised, with a planet full of people who build a better tomorrow, it is not difficult to do such an exercise. There always exists various practical problems with every source of energy, the prominent of which is cost of utility and other issues like transportability and also it has an array of effects upon being utilised, which is a natural extension of Newton’s third law of motion.

Human beings always talk about being smart and utilising the resources which is essential to them efficiently. They exercise such a concern and responsibility in a small scale, which is very encouraging. The same way, we can grade every source of energy with its practicality of its utility and then go about implementing in real world, might not be a bad thing to do, which will not only channelize our efforts to solve the crisis of energy but also will ensure that we will not be cursed by generations to come for being impulsive fools while tapping energy.

With human beings having people who graduate from universities with masters in business administration,if things like money and busines needs to be well administered, like wise we  can have dedicated human resource,maybe the same set who can find inspiration in making good use of their mental prowess in something which will not only answer the reckoning problem but also instil peace and order in this world, by all means this is more rewarding.

The above matter presented here are thoughts of a novice who has started thinking but not doing, surely which suggests there are things which are bigger than I  can think of, in implementation of it, but an idea is what makes things to fall in place, thinking is essential and all will make sense in days to come, is what inspires me of this idea, I end on this note.

PS: This is just a simple  thought I hit upon, this idea might already be thought of and discarded, if so, I am just happy to have gotten a medium to express  what I think. But if it’s not thought of, maybe people can think about it.

Engineering- A journey till now…

This is a thought process or experience which most of us are going through,(‘most’ in my friends circle do fall in this category). Having been touted as the more appropriate professional course, engineering is more than a professional course these days it has got more than a cult status and attracts the cream of the cream, especially in India.

For those who are in the fringe of getting into Engineering, it’s a dream  to get into it and achieve something commendable, although the notion of achievement is debatable. For those who are in the verge of getting through it, are more than happy to have gone out of it and ‘settle’ in life (yes I know, you must be referring to the great Indian toilet joke now!). But I intend to reflect in here the thought process and experiences that I am going through, and I also strongly believe this is more than common with many of those who are into this jugglery called engineering.

When I was in the fringe of getting into engineering, there were two things which drove me inherently towards it, the notion of getting settled well in my life and to be tested by the most challenging of careers, not necessarily in order. After having slogged( quite literally, I think you would strongly second me here) pretty badly(read it as dedicatedly) for nearly two years(during my Pre-University education), the glint in the eyes of mine and my ‘to-be-classmates’ or enthusiasm we shared or  the aspiration we milked is simply something which every nation will be proud of(especially India, whose biggest asset is Human Resource!).  I am possibly the one who falls in the category of ‘optimist’ and did a fair bit of dreaming when I did get in to the course and was charged in when I started learning the circuit models or circuit analysis or a system design or an algorithm. Yes things were(for that matter things still ’are’) interesting and we thought we were getting ready for the world, and yes we were sulking with the newly acquired wisdom.

Not just the newly learnt things, but the system to which we were introduced viz., learning stuff in 16 odd weeks, being consistently assessed throughout the learning period and the fear of the level of compatibility to it added fun and challenges to the already exciting and confused menu. Along with the enthusiasm to learn new things which will/are rule/ruling the world we also had quite a few dreams about our ‘to-be-found-liberty’!! 🙂 🙂 . The college and branch fests seemed like it would be a celebration of lifetime and it did give us the necessary pit-stop amidst the hectic schedule of a semester but debatably isn’t something that falls under ‘harness able culture’.

But somewhere down the line we had (again, read it as ‘have’ if you want to be politically correct) our fears and the cruel recession did play its part in it. But with eventual exposure and maturity, we did realise that we aren’t quite ready for what is being expected from what is being prepared. Yes we might be reading something which is enriching our knowledge but are we what the world is expecting us to be? I don’t think so!  Engineering is what makes life live the simpler way( yes the movie ‘3 Idiots’ might seem to be resounding here!) and for what is to be made simple, we need to know what is there right now, to be made simple and I think, this is where we are facing the problem. We do need to get our basics right, but hitting the basics without necessary refined and updated exercise we won’t be led to the intended destination. But the fore mentioned aspirations, enthusiasm has been forgotten by us in few days or months or years, depending on Individual capacity. The notion of ‘engineering things’ has waned away in this inceremonious jugglery and a stronger notion of loosing self-confidence has inevitably creped in.

Most of us are making a transition from the ‘classical generation’ to western culture, having rose by a generation which adores classical and traditional forms of art  and getting into a generation which arguably is more open to revolutionary forms of art. Yes, we aren’t very well with either of them and aren’t possibly getting the proper exposure into ‘harness able culture’, we need to be more consistent with our choice and as it often happens with the generation under transition, we are misguided!! It might be a case that we will be better in days or years to come than what we are in the current situation, but the disappointment is that the days of fun is not so filled with fun, absolute unadulterated fun to be specific. Yes, I say so because, the schedule which engineering demands for, is a study schedule of stuff which aren’t familiar to us to be religious but also to be fitted in a  predetermined and arguably tight schedule. Given the demand of the schedule, possibly we do need to freak out during most of the time, given the onus on the schedule and the methodology of learning and assessment. With the associated freaking, we need to give a break to our stressed minds, we take a path which we don’t know and are easily misguided and hence accomplish fun in a way which is not doing any positive change to our already confused life style!

We on our part, are both misguided and lazy. But for a generation like us, who are attracted to  engineering arguably hearing the pay packages of our already working siblings or relatives, than just the marvel to be unleashed through the to be acquired wisdom it’s too much to ask for being learning oriented. Possibly, it is not in us to learn more oriented way, when we didn’t intend to learn in the first place.

But having said all this, India being the second most populous nation, is producing very many engineers today, and most of them are deemed ‘not employable’ but I do believe we all are capable of doing wonders we didn’t come here to be tagged that way, but only if we are clear with our thoughts and start working towards them dedicatedly!

This is not a statutory warning, but  I haven’t had the slightest intention of  being sarcastic and severe towards the student community which I represent, this is just an attempt to reflect my experience till now and possibly a complete honest attempt to assess our position, as of now!

Not everyone might agree with what I have told, but when has mankind accepted anything wholly, not even democracy is!

Do leave your criticism upon this piece of article,it mgiht help me think better!

Hello World!

Hello all!

Yeah this is Amoghavarsha’s(a.k.a moghli’s) first blog. As it happens more often than not,this is  a long time desire of mine to write a blog and give my thoughts a concrete shape and platform to spread it. Thank you for visiting me,hope that my thoughts will demand more attention for you to keep visiting this.